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Everybody Saves Something

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Everybody Saves Something



Released December 1, 2018

See the Everybody Saves Something Song Page for lyrics and photos

Red Letter Day



Released May 22, 2018
As the band ‘Circle 4’

See the Red Letter Day Song Page for lyrics, the making of the song, and photos

Watch the incredible Music Video

Which One To Feed



Released November 24, 2017
For Dad

See the Which One To Feed Song Page for lyrics, the making of the song, and photos

Alter Ego



Released July, 2017
With special 4 part guitar appearance by the one and only Michael Vullo
Special background ‘extras’ and consultation by the very talented Sabrina Bennardo

See The Alter Ego Song Page For Lyrics and More




Released February, 2017, turning 50…

See The Runway Song Page For Lyrics and More

The Ocean Reef



 Released on Christmas 2015, For Joe

See The Ocean Reef Song Page For Lyrics and More

Summerlight Real


Watch The Music Video

Painting also by Frank Bennardo

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You and Me

(Recorded Live on my wife Sabrina’s Birthday)


Back in New Orleans


For my son Colby



Grounded In You


I’ve Got A Story

Rock Island Road



Words, music, arrangement, & performances of all songs by Frank Bennardo (unless otherwise noted)

All Words, Music, Production, Arrangement, Vocals, & Recordings of all songs by Frank L Bennardo from his Music Studio

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