A song for Joe, Xmas 2015, 30 years in the making


So many ocean waves since our childhood days

It seems I’ve lost my way  to get your attention these days

Get past the boats and cars and things of who you are

I can take up golf and learn to be New York tough

Don’t you want to play like back in our Lego days?

Do you Want to watch Caddyshack on your Betamax?

Hang yo-yo’s on the fan and spin them faster and faster and faster again?

Steal the Christmas lights & sling them in the midnight sky

Anything’s better than waiting for your call another Christmas night

Meet you at the Panoramic View, really any Rocky or Sandy Shore will do

Can’t you see I’m gasping the air for that depth with you

Climb your sand castle and see

What lies beyond the Ocean Reef

It’s what I learned to see from my group therapy

About what grandma and grandpa passed down to you and me

Ideals of religion ‘n cultural superstition ‘n

Beliefs from historical long divisions

That taught us how to marry and form Ocean Reefs ‘round our families

And decide who we snub at our country clubs

Joe, here we are at 50 as our kids are drifting

Still against the current that I’m not swimming

Still paying the price for not asking your advice

Still first-crushed that you never thought twice

And leave me out here below this Ocean Reef

As I dive deeper and deeper, and deeper, and deeper…

I sit here with all these regrets, waiting since ‘84

To hear we’re not finished and just one damn knock on my door

Return to my musical sea to try to get you to see

That your greatest wealth is the mark you made on me

Climb your sandcastle and see

What lies beyond the Ocean Reef

© Frank Songs, 2015

Bonus Extras

To introduce the song to Joe and better explain what’s to come in the release, Frank created a mock Rolling Stone interview

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