There it goes again for me
These things are firing memories
All around me

Out of sight and out of my mind
These things I have to ‘remember the time’
And save something

Saved my collection of 45’s
And birthday cards of years gone by
A family grudge, don’t remember why
It’s still better than nothing
Everybody Saves Something

These photographs I keep with me
In the attic with my memories
Are gonna find me

Cause when I found my old CD’s,
I felt they had this energy
I’m glad I saved something

All these books I never read
My old guitar, strung and polished clean
And clothes I’ve worn throughout the seasons
You know, we’re saving those feelings,
Everybody Saves Something, Everybody Saves Something

Good thing I saved that memory
Instead of the receipt
from the night I met you
It’s a time I always go back to

Before I learned I can’t save you
Wonder why we save what we do
You should know I saved something
Everybody saves something
Even in this song, I saved something
Everybody saves something

All music, lyrics, and images property of Frank Bennardo (c) Frank Songs, 2018

Written, composed, recorded, mixed, mastered, vocals, instruments, and photo by Frank Bennardo

Still on the Other Side of His Room