With Special 4 Part Guitar Appearance
by the one and only Michael Vullo

Background ‘extras’ & consultation by the very talented Sabrina Bennardo


Don’t take too many, is in my DNA
First you do what you have to, no time for games
It’s who I am today, from that ‘do as I say’
Been through so much healing, but it won’t go away

I’ll take another, he says to her
Just a little darker, a little deeper rub
Hey, who is this guy? Why can’t it be me?
Listen to yourself again, they’re all you, don’t you see?
What would my alter ego do?
What would my alter ego do?

It gets much brighter, when I live for the day
Indulge all my riches, even as they wash away
This close and far away, which one is true?
I was just ‘bout to tell you, what I really want to do

It’s what my Alter Ego’d do
Tell me ego, tell me what to do

I feel so guilty, so stop me now
I’m done believin’ till you show me how
Lost in my perception, of this ‘too much to do’,
Wait!, Mr. ‘Alter Ego’, what did I just do?
It’s what my Alter Ego’d do

I think I’ve got it, parade out the door
This me and my other ego, this guy in the song
We’ll see how long it lasts, and how we get along
And when you wonder which is who, ask what your Alter Ego’d do

Tell me ego, tell me what to do

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Frank Bennardo and Michael Vullo 1989 during the recording of The Other Side of The Room and 2017 for Alter Ego

Summer, 2017

Still recorded on the other side of his room.

…The very talented Sabrina Bennardo’s Alter Ego, Mardi Gras 2017…

Mardi Gras 2017, Krewe of Mid City’s Top Hat & Tails Parade down Bourbon Street, an Alter Ego moment for me, Colby, and Sabrina. A clip from this moment appears in Alter Ego, can you find it? Yes we were IN the parade!

Me getting kissed off by Sabrina
before parading down Bourbon Street

Can you find me? It’s parade time!