The Story Begins

On that fateful day, October 9, 2008, When Sabrina and I first met.  That encounter inspired me to write a song about the possibility of us actually getting to know each other and cultivating a relationship.  It just felt right and came out, kind of like a gospel revelation, which was the inspiration for the music for the original song (hear it below).

The remake checks back in with a modern day connection in a jazzy nightclub setting reaffirming our desires to be grounded ‘with’ each other – an ending twist to the original feeling.  The take was sung live on October 7, Sabrina’s birthday as a surprise gift.

Music video in production!

Grounded In You (2019)

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Somehow you let me explain, Seems that we were both battling change

We were still disguising our fear, Hide  emotions to disappear


And then we cut on through that everyday grind

Pleasing all the people  all, the, time 2,3


This feeling close to someone, Live our dreams before they’re gone

Not feeling alienated, Spend time to be acquainted


Stop talking through metaphors

Make karma a driving force

Understand what I was trying to do

Know what it’s like to be grounded in you


So much to be disturbed, More lessons to still be learned

We haven’t touched all of life’s extremes, Chanel to sociology 


It’s therapeutic medication, A refreshing re-orientation

Risked it all to become a fool, That chance to be grounded in you

Let’s never play by the rules, And not obey what not, to, do

In this illusion only one thing is true

That feeling of being  grounded together, just to be grounded with you

More miles of being grounded with you


©  Frank Songs, 2008, 2019

‘B’ cover shot (not used)

Original Grounded In You, 2008

Listen on SoundCloud

I know this is odd, but I feel that you’ll let me explain

How I already know that you know that we’re both battling change

And just about over with disguising our fear

Show emotions that reveal how we should appear


I’m taking that chance that you know where I’m coming from

And both have the wisdom to see what the past has done

I’m standing high on top of my wall of fear

To search beneath the way that things appear


It’s time to cut on through this everyday grind

Pleasing all the people, all of the time


This meeting through friends of friends, is it the only way?

Can your past help you believe in what I’m trying to say?

To feel the feeling of being close to someone

And live our childhood dreams while they’re still floating around


Stop communicating through metaphors

Make karma a driving force

Understand for me what I’m trying to do

It’s to feel the feeling inside of being grounded in you


I have so much from my life that I want to convey

And listen back from you in the very same way

To share without fear of being alienated

Not listen to my friend’s advice of how to get acquainted


It’s not a case for therapeutic medication

It’s just a refreshing re-orientation

Not risk blowing it, and ending up a fool

Is the chance just to be grounded in you


Is there any fallout yet undisturbed?

How many more lessons in life have yet to be learned?

It seems we’ve gone through all of life’s extremes

Sociology to Chanel and all that’s in between


When have I ever played by the rules?

Why should I obey what not to do?


Is it real or illusion, this Endymion Blue?

This desire for me to be grounded in you?


How many more miles ‘til I can feel grounded in you?


© Frank Songs, 2008 10/10/08-10/12/08