Released February, 2017, turning 50…  – Scroll down for the music video!



Through an hourglass, sand through my hands

Past the weight of aging on where we stand

It’s the waiting game that drives me insane

But the destination I don’t want to obtain

It’s all wrapped up in styrofoam™

The next thing that makes a house a home

It’s the journey’s end, we don’t pretend

And too far along for new old friends

You see,

These things take runway

It’ll all  be OK as long as I keep it all on the runway


The games we don’t have time to play

Relationships that drift away

Today’s chicken soup that feeds our soul

The joy I still get from Rock n’ Roll

Hair on my face eye’s still on a screen

A milestone year something else achieved

No time aside for us to grow

My brothers that I may never know

Love me

You see, we’re all on our runways

It’ll all be OK as long as it all stays on the runway


The desire still lives inside of me

And the things in the dark I don’t want to see

Rock Island’s flooded in alcohol

The greatest gift’s getting through it all

The hangover just needs time

We exercise, we justify

Just breathe,

We’ve traveled so much runway


These walls achieved, this ‘status quo’

The illusion we were taught was so

Supply and demand we face ahead

Just buy from Amazon Prime instead

Pass each moment with the love of my life

The runway it took to get this right

It’s the fleeting moments before our eyes

Anticipation for the next surprise

We count again in seven years

what evaporates, what disappears

This edge of time machine will click

Best to reach out, grab hold of it

While there’s still time,

While there’s still time on this runway

Everything’s OK,  hey, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of runway



11/18-19/16 [12/23/16, 1/7/17, 1/23,26/17 edits] ©Frank Songs d=90

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