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I’m done looking
Cause I know what I’d see
Another fleeting reminder
Of how my dad used to be

I hear it on his piano, see it on his TV
Of the man he tried so hard to be
Now this can go either way
They’re both there to believe

It’s all in my choice of which one to feed

Statistically speaking, this wasn’t supposed to be
I had calculated all the odds of this probability

Now we pick up the pieces, my brothers and me
Deciphering fantasies, and our new reality

And I’m left deciding which one to feed
Which one to feed

Just one more moment, one opportunity
I think I could have fixed this whole damn thing

Na, It would have just been a lecture
On ‘the order of things’
See, that’s just what he was brought up to believe
Cause under that masquerade is just my dad and me
We’re just hanging out, shooting the cool summer breeze

I think that’s the one I’d rather feed
The one i’ll feed

There’s no good way for goodbye
So let’s just leave it be
Isn’t that what he would do if he were me?

All that’s left is to ‘do as you say’
If it brings me closer to you
My one last chance to feel love  I’ve been looking for from you

Yeah, that’s the one I’m gonna feed
The one I’m gonna feed

…Still be Memories of You and Me

The one I’m gonna feed

What he was brought up to believe

What he was brought up to believe…

We pick up the pieces…

A cassette tape I gave my father to introduce him to my songs and my dedication of Memories of You And Me to him and my mom.  My guess is it was never played judging from where the tape reel is, but that’s something not to feed…

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